Why reselling SEO Is profitable

SEO-Reseller-servicesMany stay-at-home workers are considering the SEO reseller industry. The SEO reseller industry is an industry that has been gaining a wealth of momentum over the past few years. Resellers are turning over profits easily without breaking a sweat in the process. One may wonder how the SEO reseller program is so profitable. Several reasons exist for the profits that resellers are making. The following are some of the most common:

New Businesses Emerge Every Day

One of the biggest reasons that SEO resellers can earn so much money is the seemingly endless opportunities. Millions of new business websites emerge on a daily basis as new businesses realize the important of having an online presence. New business owners do not always realize that they need SEO services to stay in competition with other businesses that offer similar products and services. Therefore, the SEO reseller has hundreds and thousands of new opportunities to sell SEO services every day. Online businesses are not likely to dry up any time soon because the Internet seems to have a constantly growing business inventory. Outsource SEO strategies can be a gold mine for some people.

The Software Is a One-Time Expense

Another reason that people can profit so well from white label SEO is that the software is a one-time expense. A person who signs up for an SEO reseller plan can purchase white label software for a one-time price, and that software will do most of the work for the reseller. White label software can service more than 50 clients, and they can all log into the same dashboard. Clients and specialists can log into the SEO dashboard to manage features such as”

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation monitoring is a feature that helps a business to stay abreast of what people are saying about it. Reputation monitoring systems keep up with consumer reviews, comments, articles, news reports and the like. A business can diffuse negative commentary the minute it becomes aware of the comments. It can use several methods to diffuse the commentary and equalize the company’s’ reputation

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics can make business persons aware of how people engage with the business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and the like. A business can increases its customer’s base and its sales if it has high rankings on those sites.

SEO Audit Reports

SEO audit reports explain which keywords people enter to end up on the business website. Such reports can help business administrators to analyze the effectiveness of their current SEO tactics and their website content. They can make changes according to the information that they find in the reports.

Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools consist of a suite of tools that allow the webmaster to see different aspects of the site. For example, the webmaster will be able to see broken links and information on how frequently Google indexes the website. The website owner can receive notification if Google penalizes him or her.

How to Find a Reliable SEO Reseller

A reliable SEO reseller can do many wonders for a hardworking business owner. Such a person can put the time and effort into spreading the word to other people about the company. A business owner may not know much information about SEO reselling, however. The business owners will want to watch out for certain things as he or she is looking for a reliable SEO reseller. First, the person will want to make sure that the SEO reseller is honest.

The business owner will not want to hire an SEO reseller who will conduct activities that are not Google-friendly. Gaming and scamming the system is a sure way for a person to receive a violation from Google. The business owner will want to conduct research on the reseller to ensure that he or she uses legitimate strategies that work. The business owner will want to ask for statistics and credentials. White label SEO tactics are the only tactics that are allowed these days.

The business owner will want to try to find consumer reviews that depict the efforts of the SEO reseller. Clients and former clients will post honest information about the experiences that they had with a particular SEO reseller. Business owners would pay close attention to the comments of such people.

Pricing is another important factor when choosing an SEO company. A business owner will want to stay within the company’s budget. Services that are too expensive will not help the company in the end. Finally, the business owner will want to search for quality. Quality is the most important factor in making SEO efforts work. The business owner will want to see examples of some of the material that SEO resellers have developed for former clients.

High-quality SEO services should boost a company’s productivity quickly.

The Rosetta Stone of SEO

The historical Rosetta Stone  was inscribed in 196 B.C. per the instructions of the Egyptian King Ptolemy the fifth. The reason why it is so useful is, it contains the same text repeated in the three languages of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Demotic language, and ancient Greek.

When modern day ad agencies need to outsource SEO for their client’s websites, they can benefit from the Rosetta Stone for SEO, which includes the techie language, the ad agency language, and the common language the clients will understand as well. A wonderful revenue stream comes from being an SEO reseller or by participating in a SEO reseller program.

Ad agencies know that clients desperately need white label SEO. There is little need to replicate these functions in house. The best way to achieve a high level of quality SEO results is to outsource SEO under a comprehensive SEO reseller plan. The SEO specialists know what they are doing and stay current with the constantly changing environment.

When the SEO work is done properly, the clients are happy and the ad agencies get a revenue stream from the effort, which makes a new profit center.

Because of the divergent skill-sets, SEO specialists, ad agency staff, and clients do not have a common denominator in describing the work and the measurement of the actual results.

Here is the Rosetta stone for SEO in techie speak, ad agency speak, and common English for clients to easily understand:

Trust Flow

  1. Tech Speak: On a scale of 1 to 100, anything above 15 means the website is highly trusted for its information.
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: The website has credibility with others.
  3. Regular English (for clients): People believe what we are saying on the website.

Citation Flow

  1. Tech Speak: Others are citing the pages on the website.
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: Influence is occurring in the target group.
  3. Regular English (for clients): People like the stuff on the website and refer to it frequently.

Domain Authority

  1. Tech Speak: How much web traffic goes to a website?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: The website has a great amount of unique visitors.
  3. Regular English (for clients): Many people are visiting the website.

Page Authority

  1. Tech Speak: How much web traffic goes to a specific webpage?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: The advertising message has a good response rate.
  3. Regular English (for clients): People are interested in what you offer.

Moz Rank

  1. Tech Speak: A logarithmically result based on a ten-point scale of global webpage authority.
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: A super way to gauge popularity of well-known websites.
  3. Regular English (for clients): Even a modest Moz rank of 1 means the website beat out millions of others.

Referring Websites

  1. Tech Speak: How many websites have backlinks?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: Who is paying attention?
  3. Regular English (for clients): Do other websites like your website?


  1. Tech Speak: How many webpages have links to the promoted website?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: Is the target market paying attention?
  3. Regular English (for clients): Who else likes the information on your website?


  1. Tech Speak: What keywords are targeted?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: Where is the demand? Best to localize keywords for increased results.
  3. Regular English (for clients): How many people think you are important for (insert keywords)?

Meta Description

  1. Tech Speak: What is the click-through rate based on response to the Meta description?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: Is the target market paying attention to the message?
  3. Regular English (for clients): So many people are visiting your company website.

Page Rank

  1. Tech Speak: How high does a page show in the search engine listings depending on keyword searches?
  2. Ad Agency Lingo: Client online profile is increased to outshine competition.
  3. Regular English (for clients): Search for (insert city) and (insert main business) and see we made your webpage at the top of the search page!

Ad agencies and SEO marketing experts have one thing in common. They work with communication metrics that are able to determine the impact of any messages. Most ad agencies benefit by forming a strategic partnership with an outsource SEO group, because this solution provides more client satisfaction and is more cost efficient.

Understanding the language also helps to be understood. Find an outsource SEO group that delivers performance based on the understanding of these terms. Check the performance promised against the performance metrics that are identified.

When an advertising agency finds an outsource SEO group that consistently delivers improvements in performance metrics they have found a treasure of gold or maybe platinum. It then becomes the ad agency responsibility to convey the success, based on real-time performance metrics to “prove” to clients that the ad agency is achieving excellent results.

This creates a dynamic partnership where everyone looks good. The techie people enhance the performance of websites and eCommerce campaigns. The advertising agency people have an extremely satisfied client. This is all about knowing the lingo and through this knowledge making a serious link to a strategic outsource SEO expert partner.

Use An SEO Reseller To Scale

SEO-Reseller-servicesScaling your business can be a difficult thing to do. It can also cause you a ton of turmoil not to mention extra work that you are not ready for. That being said using an SEO reseller to scale can make a huge difference and can help to make the entire process much easier. There are a few reasons that an SEO reseller should be used to grow scale with your business and they can help make the decision much easier.

  1. Resellers Don’t Take the Credit– when it comes to overall business growth it can be harmful to let your clients know that you used a reseller or that you outsourced work to another company. In the case of scaling and growing your business, using a reseller results in the same amount of work being done without you having to let others know that you used a third party to help fulfill these needs. With a reseller in tow, you can gain the growth that you want without having to let everyone know that you did not have the time or resources to devote to growing your business on your own. By being able to keep the credit for the work that has been done, you can ultimately help solidify yourself and your place in the market as a capable company that does what it takes to succeed.
  2. There are Plenty of Options– had you tried to find a reseller ten years ago the search would have been much more difficult. As it stands it is now easier than ever to find a reseller that can do what you want done without costing you a small fortune. There are tons of reselling firms out there that can give you excellent work without taking all your hard earned money to do so. This is highly beneficial for all parties involved. You get the growth and expansion that comes with a great deal of SEO work without having to do the work, and the reseller gets paid for services rendered. You can effectively find the company that meets all your needs without having to go too incredibly far to do it. You can instead complete a search that puts you in contact with the thousands of resellers that are out there just looking for your business.
  3. You Remain in Control– this is another benefit that if often over looked. If you are using a reseller you maintain the rights and privileges to any client that you have or that you gain. This means that if things go bad, you can take control and bring the SEO services back under your own roof meaning that you can control the overall growth and expansion of your company. You may be outsourcing the work that you are not able or do not want to do, but you are still ultimately in control and able to keep the status of your relationships with clients to yourself and really manage these accounts on your own. This also means that if something does go wrong with a partner or a client, you can dial back and take control of the situation before it becomes a big enough problem that you potentially lose that client. You can make sure that all relations are good and that the client is happy.
  4. There is a Ton of Information out There– that being said, you cannot see it all. There is no way without devoting every spare minute you have to it to really check out all the info that is out there. With a reseller they do the footwork for you and really see where the market is and help you to determine what is going to work best for you and for your company and what is going to work in the long and short terms. You can really use a reseller to help you get a feel for the market and see what is out there and see how your business can and will grow with certain tactics.
  5. Plenty of Resources– there is also no way that you could have all the resources that a reseller has without spending thousands of dollars to do so. Keeping this in mind, this means that a reseller has far more at their disposal to help make you successful which means you can truly get your business off the ground. With the resources that are offered through a reseller you can be sure that your company is in good hands and that they do have what it takes to complete the tasks that they are given and the tasks that are necessary to get your company to the scale that you desire.

You have the power to make your business be so much more. With the help of an SEO reseller you can effectively scale your business up and get it to the point that you feel it should be. This means you have the power to make your company great.